School Cross Country at Fyling Hall – Friday 17th March

Last Friday, students from across the school gathered at the field for the House Cross-Country run. This annual event is an important feature on the school sports calendar and everyone was very excited. Students painted their faces (and even arms) with the house colours and loud cheers could be heard from the neighbouring fields.

The morning had been bright and sunny but by 3pm the wind had picked up. The weather did not dampen the students’ spirits, and you could feel the excitement in the air as the start time approached. Sheep delayed the start of the race! Perhaps a problem unique to our beautiful countryside location., As we waited for the farmer to move them on everyone kept warm with vigorous cheering for their house! The runners set off just after the rain began. But, as students headed out together across the field, the rain certainly didn’t hold them back. They headed round the astro-pitch as a group and then started to spread out as they ran down the lane.

The route followed was adapted for different age groups, meaning nearly all the students could have a go. Even our Junior School students were involved.

The Weather

The changeable Yorkshire weather was in full force during Cross-Country! As we gathered there was patchy cloud, then the rain came down and part way along thunder could be heard rolling in the distance. After that, the wind dropped and then the sun returned. We even had a rainbow to brighten the way. All that in the 30 – 45 minutes the cross-country run took!

Well done to everyone that took part in the run. Cross country takes perseverance, it is a great way to test your fitness and extend yourself. Taking part and getting round the course is a big achievement. Fyling Hall has such a beautiful setting and it’s wonderful to have the fields and woodlands to run through and the opportunity to get outdoors.

The winners received a nice big bar of chocolate to replenish their energy at the end of the run.

Winners By Year Group

  • Year 3 – William Hodgson
  • Year 4 – Ana Tahmassebi
  • Year 5 – Zara B-H
  • Year 6 – Isabel Ruff
  • Year 7 – Geonuk Cho
  • Year 8 – Cyrus Tahmassebi
  • Year 9 – Edward Hall
  • Year 10 – Oscar Dragten
  • Year 11 – Oscar Jones
  • Sixth Form – Toby Richardson
  • Year 7 – Matilda Fusco
  • Year 8 – Eve Cockill
  • Year 9 – Anya Legg
  • Year 10 – Beth Thompson
  • Year 11 – Pheobe Aldous
  • Sixth Form – Polina Ekaette

Blues – Endeavour were the overall winners with 1180 and the Reds – Resolution had 1110.