Safer Internet Day

11th February was Safer Internet Day, and at Fyling Hall, the perfect opportunity to assess our internet knowledge.  Most of us think we know the internet and how it works.  For this reason, we think we are safe.  Do not be so sure! 

In Monday’s assembly, Mr Instone talked pupils through the following: three threats.

  • sharing personal details (bank details, where you live or can be found)
  • posting compromising photographs (sexting is still on the rise despite everyone saying they don’t do it. It is being used as a bullying tactic)
  • meeting people online who may not be who they say they are (obviously meeting up with someone online is a no-no. Online grooming is real and it is on the rise.)

But there are plenty of others!  This week we are discussing other threats and dangers, especially the newer ones that pupils may not be as aware of, including:

  • The consequences of sharing and publishing images of others.
  • Dangers of sexting
  • Managing your online profile

Internet Safety Day is the perfect opportunity for a discussion on identity, equality, representation and other issues around what is found online and how we contribute to it. We encourage you to keep the discussion going. We certainly will!