“On Thursday, a group of us went to the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough to see a performance of “Romeo and Juliet”. It was a modern interpretation of the classic love story, however it still used Shakespeare’s original language.

The play and the actors were interactive, which made the whole performance much more enjoyable. Sharron’s favourite moment was “when Romeo sat in the seat next to Sue and asked her if she was enjoying the play!” Connor’s favourite part was the Capulet’s party where Romeo and Juliet first met, as it was “staged in a very clever way with the music surrounding the audience and making us feel like we were involved”. Props were used in a minimalistic and simple way, with as few as possible being used in order to heighten the audience’s focus on the play. However Georgina and Alethea found the amount of blood being spilt from various blood bags rather “gross”!

Everybody agreed on liking the way in which the play had been interpreted, as it allowed us to see a different version of “Romeo and Juliet”.

Zoe Catlett (Year 11)