As we lead up to the exams, which start w/c 7th May, we are keen to strike the right balance between encouraging a good work and revision ethic, whilst making sure that the exams form part of a positive learning experience.

In order to fulfil this balance, last Friday Year 7 to 10 were taken off timetable for the afternoon in order to be introduced (in the case of the Year 7 pupils) and reminded (for the older pupils) about how best to approach revision. The session concluded with pupils being given the opportunity to try to use some of these skills in a practical and fun learning activity.  They were split into teams and given a list of countries with their capital cities. Their challenge was to use all of the revision skills explored in the earlier session to remember as many as possible for a quiz at the end.  The winning group was announced on Monday’s assembly.

The idea of the session was to give pupils a more confident understanding of how to approach revision in a useful and positive way. Click on the link below to take at the look of the PowerPoint that was shared with the pupils.

Revision Y 7 -10

Revision Session 2

Revision Session 3

Revision Session 4

Revision Session 5

Revision Session 6

Revision Session