Researching and investigating female scientists

In the last three weeks we have been researching and investigating female scientists in our English lessons. We chose the topic ‘female scientists’ because we wanted to be inspired by their hard work and efforts. We gained some  additional natural knowledge about the world in our project and it was more interesting than just working on grammar!

To end our project we did a podcast with a quiz, fun facts and lots of information about female scientists. We hope you enjoy listening to it. We certainly enjoyed researching and investigating female scientists!

 Emma, Laure, Alison and Mathilde, Year 9

Enjoy the girls’ podcast on Female Scientists

I am so impressed with these students who have worked independently to apply their English skills to this project. Application of English to real world settings helps students to access the rest of their lessons more successfully and is also much more fun, as they note in their article. It is something we strive to do here in our ESL lessons, and it is always great to see the students’ hard work in action.

Mrs Jeeves, Head of ESL