Reporting live from the English rooms

Hello everyone and welcome back, English students! It’s Mrs Milner here, reporting live from the English rooms on this beautiful sunny Wednesday lunchtime. I have a few minutes left before the next lesson to let you know what I’ve been up to since my last blog

Reporting live from the English rooms
Year 7 English

Firstly, I’d like to welcome my new Year 7 class to Fyling Hall School. Good to see you all! We are kicking off this half term by reading a Michael Morpurgo novel called ‘Private Peaceful’. We have already learned about the context of the story. We did a bit of work on the First World War as the story is set during this time. 

Year 8 English

I have already found out so much about my new Year 7 class, including some very fascinating facts. I now know that Eve was born in America, Gabe likes birdwatching, Bonnie has pet goats, Belle is a great swimmer, Faith enjoys bike rides and playing with her dogs, Cyrus enjoys gymnastics, Florence likes reading and writing, Tabby has chickens, Daniel likes history, Henry has climbed Mount Snowdon and Harley has met Ronaldo’s sister!  

Reading is a recurring theme (hardly a surprise from an English teacher!) and I have also been reading with both my Year 8 and Year 9 classes. The Year 8 class use the library on Tuesdays and take a book of their choice out to read at home. Meanwhile, my Year 9 class is reading the George Orwell classic, ‘Animal Farm’. We have learned how the story is an allegory of the Russian Revolution and how some animals are more equal than others! 

My Year 10 class is studying the William Blake poem ‘London’ and the Year 11s are all working hard on their English Language course. We took advantage of the good weather, recently, so went into the Rose Garden to work. We are so lucky to attend a school in such a beautiful setting. 

Last but not least is my 6th Form group. They are working on Tennessee Williams’ ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’. We are analysing the characters of Blanche and Stanley and how they constantly clash with one another. 

Time for my next lesson with Year 9 now, and cease my reporting live from the English rooms. We are hoping to find out what becomes of the pigs and the rest of the animals on the farm.  

See you soon 😊 

Natasha Milner, Teacher of English