Refreshed and ready to return

“I hope you have all enjoyed the holiday and the pupils are refreshed and ready to return. It is very nice to see so many of our boarding pupils back in school completing their period of quarantine prior to the term starting. As the restrictions continue to ease in the coming weeks I look forward to a more familiar feeling to school life.”   

As our Headmaster, Mr Allen, welcomed parents and students to the start of the 2021 Summer Term, Mr Allen emphasised

“that in amending school life and following Government guidance our primary objective is to keep all pupils safe and in school.”

“The Government guidance for schools has remained largely unaltered from last term and so the safety routines I shared with you prior to the school reopening remain in place. The Government have taken the decision to extend the recommendation for face coverings to be worn when social distancing is not possible.”

Refreshed and ready to return
Boarders revising on our library’s terrace

Life is slowly returning to normal. With activities and opportunities in school expanding to reflect the guidance, it is just as well that our students are refreshed and ready to return. This Summer Term will surely be different to the last!