Ready to restart our Clubs and Societies

After taking all the precautions we can and following the latest guidelines we feel we’re now ready to restart our Clubs and Societies, starting from Monday, 17th January. We’ve kept the most popular ones from last year and added a few new ones. As ever, if a group of students have a request for a certain activity and we are able to do it, we will.

The new one that needs an explanation is Culture Club. Hosted by Ms Havelock, students will either watch a classic film together or look at international cultural events and perhaps put together plans for wider school celebrations.

The programme for the rest of this term is as follows:


  • Football
  • Latin Society
  • Maths Revision (KS4-5)
  • Board Games Club (even weeks)
  • Culture Club
  • Crochet Club


  • HIIT Training/Table Tennis/Badminton
  • Art Club
  • Technology Society
  • English Revision
  • History Club

Students can attend any suitable club in any week, try things out, change their mind from week to week. As usual there is no cost to attend the clubs.

We’re ready to restart our Clubs and Societies and look forward to an exciting term of after school activities!

Ayd Instone, Head of Curriculum Enrichment and Communications