The pupils at Fyling Hall School were lucky enough to start off the term with a fun packed two days with the RAF. The activities aimed to improve teamwork, leadership and interview skills. Year 10-13 kicked it off on the first day back. We were split into three groups and each group was allotted a time schedule to complete the activities. The engineering activity consisted of constructing a self-standing model, as a team, that had to move a ball to a certain location; the further the ball travelled the more points scored. In the second activity we were tested on our team and leadership skills by being given simple tasks such as having to walk at the same time whilst being directed by a single, chosen member.

The final part of the day was a short talk. This gave advice to the pupils on how to prepare for interviews that will be taken later in life. This advice came in very handy, as a few days later the sixth form were informed that the RAF officers would be giving a mock interview to each student.

Each officer chose who they thought performed best and those students were given prizes for their achievements. These students were Anna-Luisa Ayckbourn, Anna Sweeney and Samuel.

Izzy Clements and Ann-Luisa Ayckbourn (Year 12)

RAF 1 6-6-16

RAF 2 6-9-16

RAF 3 6-9-16



Izzy and Anna