On Saturday 18th March some of our international students went to Melton College, York, to sit the Cambridge Key English Test (KET) or Preliminary English Test. (PET). Here is what they have written about their experiences:

In the bus on the way to York I wasn’t nervous at all because Miss told us it was going to be fine, and we had practised a lot. I was taking the KET exam. We started with the speaking test: the examiner was so nice but I don’t know if I did well or not because I didn’t listen to myself! Later we did the reading and writing exam and then the listening – that was easy. I’m not worried at all about the final marks because the exam was just like the ones we had practised in class. Cristina

The biggest problem is nerves, especially when you arrive at the exam centre. But school prepares you for the exams really well so there is no need to be nervous. Jeremy

The PET exam was definitely a worthwhile experience. We arrived at 9.30am and a young woman greeted us and led us through the college. It was very quiet and organised. The PET students were separated from the KET students and placed in two different rooms. I was taking the PET. The examiner checked our ID a couple of times. The exam started a 10.00, exactly on time. It lasted for one and a half hours. Then we had a long break in which we could eat, talk and practise for our speaking exams. The speaking exam was surprisingly short and each pair of candidates had a different topic. It all went exactly how we had practised in school. All in all it was a long day but it was good to do a real exam. Emma

The staff at Melton College were all very professional and direct with their rules so I was never confused or did not know what to do.  Jonas

All in all I think the exam was well-organised and we got out on time. I was pleased about this because it was a Saturday and we did not get a lie-in. I think the certificate will help us later in life and it was a valuable new experience. Lilian