Pupils say it best

We often find that Fyling Hall’s international pupils say it best. Below is a piece of writing from an exam piece. Written by one of our short term English as a Second Language (ESL) students, we love not only how this pupil’s English as progressed, but also the sentiment.

I’ve been on an English course.  It was an exchange with another student.  I went to England for two weeks, and he came to me for two weeks.  Before I went there some people had told me that it was not the time worth, but the moment I sat there in the classroom I knew that I had made the right decision.  The teacher was really nice and the class was so small that you could really work effectively without being interrupted by students who don’t want to learn and you were able to receive individual help from the teacher. 

The most interesting thing we’ve done was writing a Brexit speech.  Before that I didn’t know anything about that topic, but it helped me in several ways.  Now I know everything about Brexit.  I know how to formulate a speech, and I learned to present it to an audience.  I would say that it was an important experience, especially if you wanted to learn something about languages or culture.

Don’t you agree? Pupils do say it best!