In light of this week’s general election, we have had a series of assemblies tightly themed around politics. Although the majority of the school is not yet old enough to vote, the extent of student’s knowledge was surprising and continued to expand throughout the week. Due to the busy GCSE exam schedule, the Barn was unavailable and instead assembly was hosted outside in the Stackyard. Surprisingly the weather held up and we all stood outside in the sun, a pleasant change from the confined walls of the Barn. Mr Instone and Mr Batchelor hosted these two pre and post general election assemblies, over which they informed us of the multiple parties and their manifestos. In order to further involve the students, the assembly consisted of a portion of entertaining and light-hearted roleplaying. During this, Mr Instone and Mr Bathelor took the side of either Labour or Conservatives, without knowing in advance which party they’d be representing, and argued the political views of these groups.

Callum Wallis (Y12)