On Friday 12th September students in both the Senior and Junior schools celebrated Roald Dahl Day. This national event takes place every year on Roald Dahl’s birthday (13th September) and we decided to celebrate in school this year. Mrs Park led an assembly where a selection of staff and students read out extracts from their favourite Roald Dahl books. The pupils were also challenged by Mrs Park to remember 12 facts that she shared about Dahl. If they did so, in their English lessons they were promised Wonka-style chocolate rewards. This incentive appeared to work, as all classes were able to exactly recall the details and claim their prize.

It was also an exciting day for 12 pupils from year 9, who went to visit the Junior School, fingers trembling, to read extracts of Roald Dahl stories and poems.  First some pupils read facts about Dahl which they had researched themselves. Ethan says, “The facts were pretty cool and some were unexpected such as Roald Dahl hated the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film so much, that he stopped anymore of his books being made into films in his lifetime.”

Next students read extracts from their favourite stories, which was particularly fun for Anan, whose brother is in Form 2. She says, “I really enjoyed reading to the children because it was so exciting and a new experience”.

Holly read from Matilda: “I chose the part in the book when she wanted to know what to read and she shocked her teacher because she had already read so many books.” Kieran read a poem, which he had memorised, he felt very nervous but was pleased with his rendition of “Hey Diddle Diddle”. All the pupils did exceptionally well, especially those like Kieran, Harry and Jacobo who are new to the school. They were rewarded with Wonka’s Gobstoppers, Amy says “The whole afternoon was great and I would love to do it again sometime”.

Alethea writes: “Whilst three members of the class carefully counted out our reward, the others played with the Juniors on the famous HMS Whitehall. Sweets eaten and cuddles given (courtesy of Anya and Bella) a very happy and slightly hyper group of year 9’s headed back to the senior school.”

By Year 9 English

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