Proud to have welcomed nearly forty new pupils

Fyling Hall School is proud to have welcomed nearly forty new pupils. Some from near; some from far. Some for whom English is their first language, many for whom English is their Second Language (ESL). Starting a new school can always be a bit daunting, but writing home is a great way of not only keeping in touch, but also improving one’s English. Take a look at what some of our Year 10 ESL students have written home this week . . .

Dear friends, 

I am doing quite well in England at the moment I think. The place is amazing, we can see a bay called Robin Hood’s Bay from school. You can get to the beach very quickly, it is about a 20 minute walk. 

The school is not very big but it is very beautiful. There is a large farm nearby and you can see horses and many cows. The school site looks like a small town with boarding houses, offices and classrooms. 

I have a lot more friends this year which is really good. The teachers are very nice over here, they are caring and helpful. The teachers and students are very friendly to me. I think I like best the experience of being at the school with my housemates. I have good housemates so I am happy. We can stay together in the evening and play games or talk together. We just have a few students in one class. That’s amazing. My English class is 5 students. 

My favourite teacher is Mr Instone, he is a science teacher and he does a lot of experiments so the lessons are very fun and interesting. 

We have to walk down a very long hill when we are going down to Games lessons. It is nice walking down but really hard to walk back up after the exhausting Games! 

I decided to go for equestrian sports, so I ride once a week with the riding instructors. It is so beautiful to ride in the countryside and see the horses too. 

The only problem is that you will feel homesick but you will get over it within a few weeks and everyone understands and will help you. 

If you come to Fyling Hall School, I will meet you. I hope you can be happy here too. 

Liza, Timothy, Richard, Marcus, and Ryan, Year 10 ESL​

Mrs Lizzie Jeeves, Head of Drama and English as a Second Language