Professional looking CVs and more

Fyling Hall Business students are creating professional looking CVs and more. One part of the GCSE Business curriculum is to look at human resources, how businesses recruit workers, train them and keep them motivated. To try and make this a bit more real, our Y11 students have been writing their CVs after first researching some examples, discussing the pros and cons of each one and choosing a suitable format. They have also created a letter of application for a fictitious job. These are life skills that will be very important in the future when they enter the world of work.

Students are also looking at human resources from the point of view of the business by creating job descriptions and person specifications. They also have to look at how they could advertise the job to make sure it is seen by as many people as possible and of course this is often done online nowadays.

Cameron’s family own a farm so have a lot of experience in recruiting workers and, as they can give him first-hand experience on what they would look for, he decided to ask for their opinions. They gave him hints on what to include, what features work well and what not to include. He was able to take their advice and also put his IT skills to good use at the same time.

All of the students managed to produce some very professional looking CVs

Ms Wendy Banks, Head of ICT