#PEwithaDifference Continues

The spring term is now well under way, and #pewithadifference continues to develop.

The under-16 girls’ hockey team entered the Whitby and Ryedale partnership tournament and came out winners!  The matches were very competitive with all teams only having a limited amount of chances on goal.  That said, it was extremely pleasing to see the girls reproduce what they have been practising in games lessons.  Playing quick counter attacking hockey. The team played with great intensity and should be extremely proud of their efforts playing against some very large schools.  See the girls scoring from their short corner.

The seniors have enjoyed a variety of activities over the past two weeks.  In just one afternoon we have had pupils swimming at Everyone Active, participating in a gym class, horse riding, HIIT sessions, netball and mountain biking, all being carried out at the same time.

To the gym they went …

It is refreshing to hear pupils trying to decide which activity they want to take part in, and this has been the overall aim of #pewithadifference to get more pupils active and enjoying a variety of sports, which I hope they will look to carry on with in later life.

Mr Coates

Head of Games