Pen friends in Bremerhaven

It has been some time since we wrote to our pen friends in Bremerhaven (Germany). As we have not written since the beginning of lockdown in March, we have taken up communications again! 

Year 8 used lesson time to write letters, even integrating the content of our last unit, in which they learnt how to describe their house. We are hoping in return to learn a lot about how our penpals in the North of Germany live! Year 9 worked more independently, using their free time for letter-writing. 
Later this week, year 7 will be in for a surprise, too, when they are given the name of their brand new pen friends, and try out their new language skills – on their new pen friends in Bremerhaven.

Writing to pen friends is always a great opportunity to learn about other countries and to try out your language skills (almost) in real life. Especially during these times of lockdowns and restricted travel, where many of us miss visiting other countries, writing and receiving letters from abroad can at least give us a glimpse of the great wide world.

Viele Grüße! 

Frau Trotter, Teacher of German