Harry has been boarding at Fyling Hall for three years and recently, pupils from all year groups, helped him to celebrate his 10th birthday with a party in the barn.

Here are a few comments from some of the children who came to Harry’s party on Sunday:
Julio: “I think it was awesome, I enjoyed the food, games and music. Thanks.”
Ben Yeates: “My favourite things were the food and the balloons. It was fun.”
Luke Yeates: “It was awesome. The food was good but a bit too healthy!” (he meant the carrots and celery dips with humus! Also grapes and baby oranges!)
Luca: “I liked the musical statues, music, the friends and the balloons.”
Giacomo: “I liked the musical statue game, the food and the Limbo dancing game”
Giulia: ” I liked the D.J.’s music and the music games.”
Connor: “Even though I’m 14, the party was pretty EPIC! There were balloons everywhere, awesome music and a very happy 10 year old!”
Federico: “I liked the party because of the music, the dance type game, the food and the balloons because I like balloons!”
Corbin: “It was a blast! Harry was popping some shapes (and balloons), overall it was a fun afternoon and any 10 year old boy’s dream birthday!”
Matron Sutherland: “Thank you to all the 6th form who helped make Harry’s Birthday really amazing! Especially George Husband who gave up his free time to be an excellent and most professional DJ!
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