Our Toy Story

“I am absolutely delighted by our Toy Story response!” exclaims Mrs Freer, Fyling Hall’s Junior School Headteacher.

Each afternoon Junior School pupils take part in a whole school topic. Choosing one topic for the whole of the Junior School makes life easier for parents with children in more than one key stage to complete the work.  Toys is a wonderful topic with activities the children will love.  As Mrs Freer explains,

I chose the topic because it has endless possibilities from making puppets to performing puppet shows, designing a toy or game out of junk, discovering toys from around the world, the history of the teddy bear, teddy bears’ picnic are just a few of the ideas. It’s a cross curricular topic we can differentiate the work according to the children’s ages. Form 3 for example have designed posters for a toy shop and this is going to lead to further creative writing. Form 1 are going to write poems about their toys and design a poster for a missing toy. We will be seeing where and how toys are made, the history of toys, interviewing parents and grandparents about the toys they loved.The main reason though, is that the pupils can do the work independently and enjoy it.

We cannot wait to see how our Toy Story develops!