This past Saturday I had the privilege of being a guide for the Fyling Hall School open day. I was pleased at this for a number of reasons, not just how much I love the sound of my own voice and dragging people around. Regardless, this past weekend the whole school cleaned itself up and prepared to introduce curious families to the wonderful, family atmosphere of our school. Everyone got themselves as prim and proper as possible: there was music and readings of poetry, a barbecue, demonstrations of experiments and tours running up and down constantly. Boarders and dailies did their part to support the school and sell it to those thinking of joining us here. We got a lot of great feedback from the people we showed round, between these tours I managed to sit on the Daisy Hardy poetry readings, and was massively impressed by the public speaking and performing ability of our school once again, as was Mrs. White evidently.

I only have one more open morning to look forward to as a student of Fyling Hall, but I cannot wait to do my part to help the school grow once again.

Dami Williams-Shires (Year 13)

art still life 2 Open Morning

art still life 3 Open Morning