Our Golden Rules (part 2)

Last year we did a whole school activity to understand the origin of The Golden Rule and need for some kind of ‘rules of engagement‘, some kind of standard to uphold when dealing with each other in a fair way in school. Each tutor group was tasked to discuss the issues and formulate their own versions with a view to an agreed standard being produced as a poster for each classroom.

The idea was not to pronounce some ‘commandments’ or list of things not to do, but simple stamens that serve as a reminder of appropriate ways to be around each other. Attached are montages of what they came up with.

Many went down the route of re-wording the Golden Rule:

  • Treat people how you would want to be treated
  • Treat others with respect
  • Everyone is equal

A focus on being kind was very common:

  • Be kind
  • Kindness does not cost anything
  • Be kind to others so you can be kinder to yourself
  • Your kindness is your core
  • Be kind, be open be mindful
  • Don’t be a meanie be a kindie
  • Respect people and their individual opinions

Including a version of our school motto:

  • The days that make you kind make you happy!

Some were more direct pronouncements:

  • No poking people with stationery

Only a school in Yorkshire would come up with this:

  • If you have owt nice to say, say it.
    If you have nowt nice to say, don’t say it

A series of things not to do:

  • Don’t judge people
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover
  • Don’t put people down when they want to be up
  • Don’t be the wolf to the bunny
  • Don’t be the hunter to the fox
  • Don’t be a supervillain be a superhero.

This is good:

  • Build each other up and we can all reach higher

But my favourite is this, largely put together by Georgina (with last year’s year 10). 

The 5 Hs:


  • Honest
  • Helpful
  • Happy 
  • Humble
  • Heroic

This will join our already agreed 6 Ps (which are about attitude to learning):

The 6 Ps:


  • Prompt
  • Positive
  • Prepared
  • Proactive
  • Productive
  • Polite 

One of the first tasks our Tutor Groups will face at the start of the new term will be to design posters for theses two sets of Hs and Ps.

by Ayd Instone, Head of Curriculum, Enrichment and Communications