Our first ever Yearbook

It’s been a fantastically quick turnaround for our first ever Yearbook – but it had to be: when Mr Instone launched the idea in assembly, just a few weeks ago, a committee quickly came together to make the idea a reality. Led by Flora Kiefert, the decision was made to include everything that had happened at Fyling Hall since the final term last year right up to the penultimate term this year. That would mean we’d have a full year contained in the book, leaving only a few weeks to put it together, get orders in and get it printed in time for Prizegiving.

Flora, along with Anais Brüeck, Mia Geiger, Lena Gauthier and Juliette Rossi, organised the massive collection of photos from staff, departments, club members, sports teams and students, taking photos of each tutor group. Extra ideas and motivation came from Jimena Lopez de la Llave and Anna Treutlein. Puzzles pages were supplied by Toby and Tomas Richardson. The Whitby Gazette allowed us to reproduce some of the newspaper articles from their pages reporting the school over the year.
The whole thing was put together with design and layout from Ayd Instone, who ran his own design and marketing company before entering teaching and who is still involved with publishing.

The result is a fantastic time capsule of our year at Fyling Hall, capturing a sense of joy and excitement with such a wide variety of activities and learning opportunities. We really hope you get as much enjoyment from flicking through your yearbook as the students have had throughout this year.