Clubs and Societies are ready to start once more

Following a great start to the term with lots of enthusiasm and excitement all around the school, our Clubs and Societies are ready to start once more.

The idea behind our Clubs and Societies is to develop interests and advanced skills in extracurricular areas, opening students to new experiences as well as developing independence, employability, social skills and  of course, just having fun. There is no compulsion to attend (many students already do an enormous amount outside school) but we do encourage you to encourage them to give something a go and try something out. Many past students have changed their career ideas and university course aims based on what they did in their clubs. 

In order to determine which clubs to offer, we start by asking our teachers what the possibilities are to get as many as possible up and running straight away. Clubs that require specialist equipment or outside support will wait a little longer. The idea is that pupils could then choose from such interesting and diverse activities as Choir, Orchestra, Football, Hockey, Latin, Duke of Edinburgh, Board Games and Chess, Technology (Engineering, 3D printing, Computer Programming and Electronics), The Yearbook Committee, History, Creative Writing and Art

With the possibilities in place, it was time to present the options to the students in our assembly.  Immediately afterwards, we gauged numbers in Tutor Time to work out which clubs are most viable. With all participants consulted, our much-missed Clubs and Societies are ready to start once more.  The following programme will begin in week 3, from 20th September: 


  • Choir: The Barn
  • Football: meet outside the Staffroom
  • Philosophy Society: Mr Thomas’s English room
  • Board Games Club: Mr Walsh’s Maths room


  • HIIT Training: meet in the stackyard
  • Art Club: The Art room
  • Technology Society: The Physics Lab
  • Hockey: meet outside the Staffroom
  • History Club: Mrs Harrington’s History room.

There are no extra charges for clubs and the second buses. Any questions, drop me an email:

Ayd Instone, Head of Physics and of Curriculum, Enrichment and Communications