Our budding new historians

Welcome to our budding new historians! This week was Year Six induction to secondary school History . . . all part of our Year Seven induction day! From Titanic coal to how the Georgians took tea, from ‘peace for our time’ to the Great Fire of London, Year Six have been unboxing our past and learning how historical sources (that’s ‘sources’, not ‘sauces’) have a story to tell!

Secondary school level history can be a little daunting to beginners . . . all those rows of dates and lists of kings and queens and endless essays! But a good way to overcome those anxieties is to play ‘hunt the historical personality’! We hid little historical figures all over our beautiful grounds for our budding new historians to find, and used this fun activity to discuss how we can be history investigators like Fyling Hall’s own Inspector Fyling of the Stackyard.

What historical events happened on this day? What is our favourite story or event from history and how can we find out about the past? All this and more to look forward to!

Victoria Harrington, Teacher of History