Our annual House Run is back!

Our annual whole school cross-country House Run is back! A precursor to the summer term Sports Day, the House Run is a whole school activity from the juniors to sixth form with teachers either joining the run or stationed at a checkpoint along the route.

Our annual House Run is back!

Starting at the sports field everyone set off at 3pm around the corner and across Low Farm. At that point the juniors turn and come back. KS3 students run down the farm track to the start of the Cinder Track before returning, older ones have to make it down the track to the first bridge and the seniors go all the way to the ruins of Fyling Hall Station and turn where the track would have crossed over the road to Boggle Hole. That longest run is just short of five miles.

Although many students complain (as they complain about anything), once the race was off and away, few could deny it was not an enjoyable experience. The weather was perfect and as you can see from the photos in the video, there’s a sense of freedom, of camaraderie and of joy. 

Many schools run a cross country route this time of year, but few can claim to have a route so enjoyable, from the view of the sea to the arched canopy of the trees over the Cinder Track then the return with the view of the school above, nestled in the trees overlooking the field with the finish line.

Students and staff are split into the two teams of red and blue. Red has had more wins over the past decade – but who won this year? You’ll have to watch to the end of the video to find out. 

Ayd Instone, Head of Curriculum Enrichment and Communications