Online learning has made me more independent

Olivia, one of Fyling Hall’s year 12 students taking Biology as one of her A-levels, shares how “online learning has made me more independent.”

This latest lockdown has been very different to the first one, as I was only sampling subjects for my A-Levels and there was not much pressure. However, this lockdown I have been required to do all of my work remotely, but thankfully daily online lessons have allowed me to keep up with my school work.

Biology is one of my A-Levels and I am finding it very different working online rather than in the classroom because we are not able to do any experiments and this makes understanding the theory more difficult. However, when we get back to school we will hopefully be able to do many practicals and this should put all the theoretical knowledge we have learnt into context.

Online learning has meant we are doing more book work but I have found this has made me more independent when answering questions by doing more of my own research.

Online learning has made me more independent

Working from home definitely has its challenges, especially when you have two younger siblings. However, thanks to the teachers at Fyling Hall I am able to speak to them at any time if I need help or have a question. The online lessons that have been structured into our timetable makes learning from home much easier, but I am looking forward to getting back into the classroom.