One of the hardest decisions

Choosing which school to send your child to is one of the hardest decisions. Apparently not for my husband – Fyling Hall was the only school he wanted our daughter to go to.  He did not like my answer – no way were we sending our daughter to a private school!  Well that was what I thought until the moment I stepped onto the school grounds with our daughter who was still only a baby at the time. We walked into the dining room and some of the students came up to us fussing over her, by the time we left there was no doubt in my mind she was going to that school.

Fast forward quite a few years and I know it was the best decision we made . . . and I very rarely admit that my husband was right.  From her very first day in Junior school it has felt like she has been part of an extended family, she witnessed forest school being built, she was Mrs Freer’s first reception pupil.  It was in Junior School where she learnt the ability to play happily alongside the older and younger children, they all got on like one big family and so did the parents and some of those parents have become my close friends. Having the opportunity in years 5 and 6 to go over to secondary school and play sports with the older ones instilled in her the love of sport at an early age.

Secondary school provided even more opportunities, the small class sizes and the amazing teachers make for an environment where they just know every pupil so well and get the very best out of them.  I think Sixth Form has been her favourite part of her experience at Fyling Hall, I think partly due to the fact that in most of her free time she gets to go over to the Junior School and help out which she absolutely loves.  But also the extra responsibilities and trust that the teachers show to her as a Sixth Form student make her feel valued.  A huge thank you goes to Mrs Jeeves, Mrs Corrigan and Mrs Banks for your invaluable support to her through her university process you know you have good teachers when they can message them on weekends and get replies!

I cant believe that in only a few months her time at Fyling Hall will be over and she will hopefully be going off to University.  She has achieved and experienced many things throughout her school life, and it will be a very sad day watching her leave school however I know we gave her the very best start when we made one of the hardest decisions all those years ago and chose to send her to Fyling Hall. 

It really is true what they say “The days that make us happy make us wise”.

Year 13 Parent