My favourite things about boarding

Hi, my name is Ezana. I am in Year 8 and from Uganda.

I have been at Fyling Hall for 3 months and one of my favourite things about boarding is the space we have to play outside. At school during our free time, we have a lot of freedom meaning that you can spend it how we like (within reason of course). During my first few weeks at Fyling Hall last term I had a snowball fight with my roommates.

Proud to be a pupil and weekly boarder

Just outside our boarding house doors we have massive woods which can be explored after school and sometimes we have bonfires and roast marshmallows on. During weekends me and a couple of other people with bikes ride around school and go on the bike trails in the woods. During half term my Grandad even took me and a couple of other people who have mountain bikes out to Dalby Forest for a nice time. One of friends that we went with me fell off but still doesn’t want to admit it! Now that covid restrictions are easing we are allowed to go down to the beach to chill or go into Whitby for a nice day out.