Once upon a time . . .

Once upon a time … that is, in 1999 a contact between Fyling Hall and the Städtisches Gymnasium, a German grammar school from the lower Rhine region, was established. Soon 30 students aged 13 were very keen on spending their first time in an English-speaking country together with their teachers. Thrilled to bits and pieces by Mrs White’s warm welcome, the picturesque surroundings and the friendly and hearty kitchen staff the Germans have been guests for the summer let ever since.*

Both Fyling Hall’s outstanding reputation in our region as well as the summer school program has led to students queuing up to participate in sports activities like cricket, coast walks along the beautiful coast of North Yorkshire, visits to mines, museums and day trips to York, Scarborough and Whitby. In the course of preparing short presentations on British culture, the students have produced the short film capturing vividly what their stay abroad is like : Fyling Hall School … a breath-taking experience.


*Due to the pandemic, sadly, this is the first year that their visit has not been possible. We very much hope to welcome them back in 2021.