On the Fountain Lawn

On the Fountain Lawn Fyling Hall Seniors gathered for this term’s first assembly. Graced by blue skies and sunshine, pupils stood in their class bubbles, taking in the stunning views of the Yorkshire Coast. Our first assembly of the term was led by our Head of Enrichment, Mr Instone and our Headmaster, Mr Allen, with special introductions to our new Head Students, Phoebe Russell, Kian Tedeskino and Archie Robinson.

Focusing on our theme of self-refection, Mr Instone talked about checking in and looking at where we are. We then know how we are doing and what to do next to improve. Self-reflection will tie into well-being as well as academics. 

After assembly, pupils returned to their Tutor rooms to complete the task of “How many positives.” In looking for positives, e.g. one good thing that happened the day before, Tutors explained that thinking positively or
negatively (being optimistic/pessimistic), can become a habit and can affect your mood and levels of happiness. It can be too easy to get in the habit of noticing the negative stuff more than the positive. This activity helps to rebalance this.

Children wrote some words in shapes, e.g. I have people around me I trust and who love me, I am a good friend,I can ask for help when I need it. Writing 2 or 3 per shape, they then thought about how each one makes them feel before sharing with the rest of the group. Having captured their thoughts, they will be kept and revisited another time.

Self-reflection on the Fountain Lawn was a fantastic start to the Autumn Term!