On offer for the boarding community

As I have been recently appointed as the activities co-ordinator I have big aspirations of what will be on offer for the boarding community. I have also tried to integrate dailies into these events to allow more cohesion between the children.

As someone who loves adventure and thrill seeking I am intending to offer as many action packed activities as possible. Spring term will offer new events and some events that were carried out in the past. I have tried not to think as an adult when picking these activities as it is more important to make the events fun and interesting rather than purely educational. At times it is forgotten that boarders are on school site 7 days a week and that weekends are a time to socialise and have fun and to relax!

One of my biggest aims through this role is to create more opportunities for boarders to mix within their households and create a better sense of community. I intend to restart some old traditions in the coming months and create a sense of pride among the houses. In short WATCH THIS SPACE to see what is on offer for the boarding community!

Simon Parker, Teacher of Physical Education and Mathematics & Boarding Activities Co-ordinator