Obviously in just the right place

Each term sees new boarding pupils arrive at Fyling Hall. It is not always an easy transition, but our boarding staff do their utmost to ensure each child feel welcomed and safe. The boarding staff also keep in contact with parents back home who may wonder how their son or daughter is settling in. The following is the response from one parent (who gave us permission to share) . . . .

I am so deeply happy to hear from you that she is making friends. Yesterday evening we phoned, and she was telling me nearly one hour about the good teachers they make, such good lessons and that you are so kind and the atmosphere so warm and fine that I felt very happy too. Normally my daughter speaks to me only 5 minutes at the most, and she was telling me only positive things about you and the other persons. I am very glad to see her in such a good manner. So let me say a great thank you for being so kind. She is obviously in just the right place.

We think so too!