Not strange to see boarders on their own bikes

Since the inception of “PE with a Difference”, it is not strange to see boarders on their own bikes. Nearly 3 years ago now, we as a games department had the idea to ride across England in an effort to raise money and kickstart a mountain bike program at Fyling Hall. This means that it was almost two and a half years ago that we successfully bought a fleet of 10 mountain bikes, and our newly coined catchphrase ‘PE with a Difference’ was finally brought to life.

Since then, mountain biking has grown in popularity amongst the pupils. Although there was always a keen interest from the pupils to ride in games lessons, there is an increasing number of pupils that have now bought their own bikes and who ride outside of school. It is now not strange to see boarders on their own bikes riding on our local trails and around the stack yard practicing bunny hops and improving their balance on a weekend.

It is with this recent burst of enthusiasm, especially from Year 13 pupils Manfred and Kian, that we have began building our very own downhill bike track in the lower woods. This project is not an overnight job, with snow, frozen ground and some waning enthusiasm from shovel operators meaning it has been ongoing since just before Christmas. However, with what is hopefully the worst of the winter weather behind us, some of the boys who stayed over half-term were able to get back to work last week under the careful eye of foreman Coates.

With a majority of the large berms and jumps built and the entire course plotted, the track is beginning to take some shape. So much so that Manfred and Kian are guaranteeing me that they will have it ready for the final health and safety inspection to be conducted before the commencement of the summer term, and therefore, open for use.

Justin Mayne, Housemaster and Games Department