As part of our Science topic on ‘Healthy Living’, Form 3 enjoyed an active lesson where Nurse Searle showed us how to measure our pulse rates. We experimented with taking our pulse at rest and after exercise. Nurse Searle also introduced us to two different types of sphygmomanometer (a blood pressure machine) and we all bravely had our blood pressure taken, even Mrs Rowe!

‘I thought it was fascinating that a child’s blood pressure reading is different from an adult’s.’ (Jenna)
‘I learnt that the top number of your blood pressure reading is called systolic and the bottom one is called diastolic.’ (Ben)

‘If you run after you have rested your pulse rate goes up.’ (Ailsa)
‘Some of us found it hard to find our pulse on our wrist so Nurse Searle showed us how to trace down from our thumbs.’ (Leon)

‘I never knew that you can find your pulse in many different parts of your body, not just your wrist and neck.’ (Henry)

We all agreed that we would now feel much more confident when having our blood pressure taken in the future and would like to thank Nurse Searle for such an interesting and fun lesson.

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