I could not remember a better place to ride

Everyone should come up to the stables at least once, when they’re at Fyling Hall.  The amount of work Coleen and David put into the stables is admirable.  The want everyone to have a great time and they have an outstanding love and passion for the horses . Every horse is special in its own way, just like the child at school.  It doesn’t matter if it is your first-time riding or you are already very good.  You will find the perfect horse and guidance to improve.

The first time I went riding during games lesson I had a really great time.  I always had a great time to be honest.  Coleen has an omniscient talent in paring you up with an inseparable partner.  During the time I stayed at Fyling Hall I got to know the horse very well.  Every single one of them teaches you a different thing.  But I do have to say that my favourite has always been John Joe.

I couldn’t rally imagine my life without horse, and the riding lessons were always really great, but what I have enjoyed the most during my time is being at the yard on the weekends.  I have a horse in Germany and I practically live in the stables.  So, when I started to spend my weekends at the stables, helping Coleen, it fulfilled my time and brought me a little bit closer to home.  What David and Coleen have created over the past years is extremely special.  They have rebuilt the stables and introduced the school to a new riding experience.  They really want everyone to improve and feel safe while doing it.

At the same time the kind of lessons you get are incomparable with anything I have done before.  Have you ever cantered across the never ending moors? Well, trust me it is something you want to do!  Coleen and David know everything about their horses and the stables and they are more than happy to share all their knowledge.  You will get to canter on the beach and jump over cross country jumps.  But most importantly, every time you ride you will learn something new.

The stables and the horse have completely changed by stay at Fyling Hall, and I wouldn’t change my time spent there for anything else.  I could not remember a better place to ride.

by Anais