News from our Fyling Hall family

Afternoon you beautiful people ❤ Here’s the latest news from our Fyling Hall family on a glorious day  As someone said to me from the BSA, when I was on my course, “is that that beautiful school at the edge of the world, as you come over the hill?” Yes it is.

So life doesn’t stop here, the gardens are starting to bloom, the birds are singing and the sun is blazing, what more do you want…it’s perfection at its finest, utterly beautiful. The boys have been busy building a glider which hopefully they will have outside soon. I’m sure to take some pictures of this. Tim and I had a sing a long to Disney’s Moana. I highly recommend this film . . . adults will love it too!

Maria, Jay and Rosie have been participating in just dance, it’s pretty impressive. There have been an array of treats on offer, we’ve been spoilt for choice with the amount of cakes, pies and cookies that have been baked.

I have to say that Mr Instone is not just a fabulous teacher. He is also a fabulous chef! We were treated to a paella last night, and it was packed with flavour.

Everyone is enjoying the sun on the lawns.

I hope that you are all doing well and we miss you all very much. Keep safe you gorgeous lot, sending loads of love and a promise of more news from our Fyling Hall family! ❤??

Miss Emma Anders, Head Matron