News from our amazing school

Here is the news from our amazing school, Fyling Hall . . . courtesy of Head Matron, Miss Anders.

Afternoon you Beautiful People ❤ . . . a lot has been going on over the past couple of days!

Plenty of walking, and what makes this even better is that Justin collects Mrs White’s dog Beau, who is a joy to have. So it really is like you are enjoying a walk with your family.

News from our amazing school - Justin & Beau

We were treated to pulled pork and enjoyed this up in the Forest School round a blazing camp fire. Afterwards we had toasted marshmallows on sticks. It was a very funny evening, Tim dropped his bread bun in the fire trying to toast it on the end of a stick ? There was also a fight getting the marshmallow on the stick with chocolate. The boys were having a breaking logs against a tree competition. Mr Parker was laughing with tears rolling out at something I had said (that was to do with the now very burnt bun). We had Stephanie playing guitar, she’s fabulous!! The Doc made us crumble, it was very yummy and very sweet!!

The boys helped Mr Instone in his garden laying a path. They are a good bunch of lads . . . I am very proud of them!

The children made their own pizzas. Maria and Jay have treated us to some lovely home baking, cookies and banana cake!! Manfred made a beautiful lunch for all of us. We have watched a drama on Netflix, which was intense!!

News from our amazing school - children made their own pizzas

Hope you are all safe, sending each and everyone of you all my love and massive hugs. Watch this space for more news from our amazing school! ❤? xxx

Miss Anders, Head Matron