One Term in The Science Department

By Mrs. Leila Aldous, Head of Science

I joined the Science Department in September taking on the role of Head of Department and teacher of Biology. It was then I found out that a new Biology classroom was in the planning. This would bring all the science rooms together in one area. Development on Fyling Hall’s lab started in September and it has been a roller coaster ride of room layout design, flooring swatches and paint samples. That’s before we even got to the installation of gas and electricity points for practical science work. Having this once in a teaching career chance to design my own classroom has been very exciting, and I’d like to say thank you to all those involved. The school has a new Lab designed with teacher’s, specifically with our students’ needs and learning in mind.

Watch the transformation from old classroom to new Biology lab!


While all this preparation was taking place, we kept very busy in the science department with year 7 students studying the skeleton and making crystal gardens, year 8 dissecting lungs and investigating combustion. Year 9 began their journey to GCSE by developing practical skills using microscopes and investigating electromagnetic waves. Year 10 made a positive start to their GCSE course looking at atomic structure, cells, and electricity and Year 11 continued their GCSE journey investigating the rate of reactions, homeostasis, and radiation. Now we are moving into the spring term, the new biology classroom is open and fully operational we are all looking forward to using its facilities.

Planning is also underway for British Science week. We will Launch Science Week at Fyling Hall School week with a trip for Years 7, 8 and 9. Discussions are underway for more exciting activities, so watch this space.