This year the theme for National Poetry Day was ‘light’. This was explored in English, but also in a variety of ways across a number of subject areas:

In Maths, Mrs Banks used maths words to inspire the children to write poetry.

Squares, triangles rectangles…

I saw shapes everywhere, I didn’t know what the answers were.

One, two three…

I saw numbers everywhere, I don’t know

what the answers were.

Centimetres, millimetres, metres…

I saw distances everywhere, I didn’t know

what the answers were.

To the teacher I listened

How to calculate I learned

I knew what the answers were.

By Alex Mas Balmana (Year 9)

In French, pupils were also encouraged to write poetry – but in French.

Drama lightYear 12 ESL working on memory and memorisation tried to memorise poems about light in 15 minutes.

Year 9 Drama created a performance based on the poem Playing with Stars by Brian Moses, taking the idea of playing with stars and the opening line “Young children know what it’s like to play with stars” to create a piece about imaginary friends.


Click on the link to watch video footage of the lesson: