On Thursday it was National Poetry Day, and in order to celebrate we organised a whole school poetry competition. All pupils were encouraged to put pen to paper and to express their thoughts and feelings, in any way that they wished. The only requirement was that the poem had to be inspired, to some degree, by the theme of ‘memory’ or ‘remembrance’.

We were overwhelmed with the enthusiasm shown by many of the pupils, often from unexpected quarters, and Mrs Park, Dr Shafer and Miss Rowland were highly impressed with the quality of the entries.

In order to provide inspiration in the week leading up to the deadline, Miss Rowland asked some of her Year 8, 9 and 11 English pupils to choose excerpts from their favourite poems and these were posted in windows and on walls, to be read around the school. As well as this, teachers from across the subject areas read and discussed their favourite poems, sometimes subject related, to their pupils at the start of their lessons. The Maths and French Departments were so inspired that they encouraged pupils to write poems in their lessons and these were displayed in their classrooms for all the pupils to enjoy.

On Friday morning, Mrs Park announced the winners of the poetry competition to a rapt crowd, who listened to all of the winning entries as they were read aloud. Due to the strength of the entries, it was decided to select a winner from Key Stage 3, 4 and 5, with one overall winner. Henry Atkinson and George Reeves were the winners for Key Stage 4 and 5 respectively. Henry’s poem explored relationships and George focused on war. Ailsa Legg won in Key Stage 3 and was awarded the overall prize for her poem on her memories of the beach.

In the Junior School, the whole school entered the competition and Miss Rowland had a wonderful evening reading the entries and deciding on a winner. The winner in Form1 was Bella Watson, with a poem about Snow. Jake Lee who won in Form 2, wrote about his successes in swimming. The Form 3 winner Harry Brindley, wrote a beautiful and personal poem about his Mother’s recent tour of Afghanistan, which brought a tear to the eye of all his teachers.

Well done to all who entered and to all of our winners!


Away With The Tide

The sand ran gently between my toes,

It whispered secrets nobody knows.

The waves lapped softly on the shore,

I must return there at least once more.

I played with friends ‘til late in the night,

Out of our mouths came screams of delight.

Under the moon with sand in our hair,

The greatest of memories we all should share.

But now I return with a crutch close at hand,

A mist rolls in from the sea to the land.

I see ghosts of my friends dance by me with glee,

Then out floats the memory, away with the sea.

By Ailsa Legg (Year 9)


“My Love”

My love has brought me laughter,

But also brought me tears

If you’ll spare my heart a moment,

And try to not rest your ears.

My love has brought me a smile

When I felt down,

But the same love has hurt me

And forced my heart to walk a mile.

My love was a powerful blessing

But also a terrible fate

But you try to not turn that love

Into a petty hate.

Love can draw our attention,

Make us feel bleak

But love can shine through

And brighten our short weeks.

Although it’s not eternal

We can love for life

We don’t need immortality

It would do nothing but bring strife.

I got too close and paid the price

But now you have departed

My love for you will never die

Although I’m broken hearted.

So I hope you sleep well my love

I’ll see you on the other side

But promise me you’ll still love me

And be my loving bride.

by Henry Atkinson (Year 10)


“In Memory”

Lest we forget,

Those brave men, we never had the honour to have met,

The valour in their hearts,

The horrific images entrenched in their heads,

The unfortunate women, left alone in their beds,

Grown apart,

Shattered hearts,

Can we go back to the start?

by George Reeves Yr 13



I remember the day my





It was a cold and sad day.

I had a dark dream and sadness inside me spread slowly

as I fought the sadness and won.

by Harry Brindley (Form 3)


“My First Length”

When I first started to swim

I remember

When I first did a length

My mum thought

I was going to drown

Then I popped up

And she said “HE’S ALIVE!”

Now I’m swimming like a fish

I hope I get







by Jake Lee (Form 2)



The snow is white

And very bright,

When the sun shines on it.

My brother and I

Make snowballs

And have a snowball fight.

We love SNOW!

by Isabella Watson (Form 1)