My wonderful music students

My wonderful music students brought the house down in last night’s RockSchool exam concert. Our Year 11 (The Rubberbands) and A-Level (Hill’s Angels) pupils gave a fabulous performance. Sadly due to Covid restrictions we were not allowed a live audience, but this did not stop my wonderful music students.

Each group had prepared their own musical set with some solos, duos and group pieces intermingled together. The genres played at the concert ranged from musical theatre, to classical, then a bit of Funk, some pop and even some Rock.

This exam concert happens every year for the RockSchool qualifications, but is usually in March with a buzzing audience. Sadly Covid ruined that and meant it had to be pushed to May with only the other performers and the tech staff allowed. Each pupil performed fantastically (especially given the circumstances) and I was super proud to be able to watch and see how far they have come as musicians. It is always an exciting occasion, but also one that is quite sad as it means that I am very near to saying goodbye to some of these fantastic pupils. I am very lucky to have such talented pupils in my GCSE and A-Level classes and to be able to work along side them and watch them grow.

Although this year has been a bizarre one, all of my pupils should be so proud of what they have achieved and look forward to progressing onto the next stage in their lives.

Take a look at clips of our pupils’ performances.
I hope hoping that sometime soon we are able to share footage of the concert, to show off the true talent we have here at Fyling Hall. So, keep your eyes peeled.

Helena Johnson, Head of Music