My lovely Fyling Hallers

Hello my lovely Fyling Hallers. It seems to have been forever since I last let you all know what we have been up to over the weeks. So School seems to be different from week to week. The boarders are still very happy and enjoying their time. Kian, Manfred and Christian have been on several bike rides and also did a time trial to the mill and back, I was told Kian was the fastest!!

During the half term we went for a glorious walk along the beach to Ravenscar. The boys had never seen the seal colony before so were excited to go and have a look at them. They thought they were very cute, which I totally agree with, they are. Whilst we were on the beach, we got a little side tracked looking for fossils. We found loads! I found an absolute beauty, the biggest Devil’s Toenail I have ever seen, which now sits proudly on my windowsill. We all want to go down again and spend the day looking along our spectacular Jurassic Coast as there are lots of treasures to be found.

my lovely Fyling Hallers

Everyone spent an evening out camping on the games field, we sat around a campfire and enjoyed homemade spaghetti bolognese in the setting of the sun. Truly you really couldn’t ask for more and everyday I look where we are and just feel ultimately privileged to be here, it’s just perfection.

my lovely Fyling Hallers

School is underway for some of our pupils so it has been lovely to welcome our year 6s back. I have enjoyed having break time conversations with them and asking them loads of questions about their experiences through lockdown.

Kian & Manfred are hoping to go and visit Dalby Forest, so they can do the bike trails there, which will be fun. Manfred recently got a new bike and is eager to go and test it out.

So, my lovely Fyling Hallers, we are still all happy together enjoying ourselves. I just can’t wait until we are all able to be together as a family again!! We miss you all ever so much. Keep safe and most importantly keep smiling you beautiful lot. Sending all our love and loads of hugs, Miss A xxx ?❤

my lovely Fyling Hallers