My first ever Duke of Edinburgh training walk

I just came back from my first ever Duke of Edinburgh training walk. It was really exhausting but definitely worth it!

We started at school on Friday, walked through the National Park and slept on our sports field. Although I didn’t get that much sleep because it was so cold during the night, I watched the sunrise at 4am in complete silence, which was more than rewarding. The following day we went for a longer walk. After a few wrong turns and one lost and broken compass, we figured out how to find our way into the right direction. We spent the time talking and looking at the beautiful landscape we were walking through. There couldn’t be a better place for a thing like this than the National Park we are living in. We walked through woods, across the moors, over rivers and several fields with herds of cattle and a lot of sheep. We got back to school eventually and I can’t wait for the actual expedition in the summer.

Flora, Yr 11, Germany