The famous Musicport Festival took place in Whitby, at the Spa Theatre this weekend. In the run up to the festival, Fyling Hall musicians took part in a two day music masterclass with the 4 piece male band, Maia.

On Wednesday, the band spent the afternoon tutoring juniors on song writing, performance skills and passing on their love for music. On Thursday, 13 senior music pupils spent the whole day collaborating with the band in preparation for an hour long concert in the Spa Theatre, which was live streamed to the world!

The valuable experience was so well received by the pupils that Konrad Luedecke in Year 11 described the experience as ‘the best day of my life!’ Harrison Langton in Year 10 said ‘he had taken so much composition advice from the master class that he went home and started his GCSE piece straightaway.’

 The band (Simon, Tom, Will & Joe) provided interactive master classes where the senior pupils learnt to play 6 songs that they performed together on stage. The excitement was tangible in the wings, and as the pupils and their teacher took to the stage, the experience became almost overwhelming.

It was a memorable week to say the least in the new Music department at Fyling Hall. Even with Mrs Wormald at the Spa with the musicians, the rest of the school were able to share in the experience and support their friends through the internet live stream of the concert.

Music echoed from the stack yard through to the forest, where some year 9 pupils left their chairs to dance!

Many thanks to Jim & Sue McLaughlin from Musicport for their recommendation and their belief in our pupils and their talent.