Musical Opportunities

Did you catch Miss Johnson’s update on the musical opportunities we provide at Fyling Hall? Here’s a recap of all you can take advantage of in our Music Department!

One to one music tutor

All pupils across both the primary and secondary school can have access to a one to one music tutor on an instrument of their choice. These lessons are scheduled during school time (although on occasion after school can be arranged dependent on the individual teacher) and change weekly to try and avoid too much disruption to pupils lessons. There will be an opportunity for the music teachers to put on an assembly at the start of the term to showcase what they can do. If your child is interested in having lessons, or would like a taster lesson please email Miss Johnson.


Secondly we run a fantastic choir open to pupils (Years 6 and above), teachers and parents that provides performance opportunities and a chance to develop your singing and harmonising ability. It is expected that all singers who study Music Year 10 and above should attend. The day of choir will be announced with the club list over the next couple of weeks. 


Another opportunity that Miss Johnson plans to explore is the chance to have an orchestra running at Fyling Hall. This will involve pupils who take music lessons on an orchestra instrument who are at Grade 3 level or above. There will be a half termly charge out for this, to cover the cost of hiring Mr Butterfield (the cost will depend on the amount of pupils attending). Please let Miss Johnson know if this is an opportunity your child would be interested in getting involved in. If so, she can look into setting up the club if there is enough interest.

Music & Drama on Instagram

The Drama and Music Department have launched a brand new FHS Instagram page. Following the page will keep you updated on daily life in the department and give parents and pupils details on trips, workshops and events that are taking place. If you are on Instagram, it would be great if you or your child could follow the page to keep up to date with the latest news. We will add content over the next few weeks, and hope to see you there.

Trips and music events

Finally, please keep an eye out for all of the trips and music events that will crop up throughout the year.

Miss Johnson thanks pupils and parents for their support of the Music department. She looks forward to working creatively with the pupils, and helping them to make the most of Fyling Hall’s musical opportunities.