Music in a virtual world

How does one teach music in a virtual world? Miss Johnson, Fyling Hall’s Head of Music, takes us on a quick journey through some of our music lessons during the UK’s third lockdown.

Year 4, 5 and 6 having been creating their own instruments. Pupils had a choice of three . . . from glass xylophone, straw pipes and rain maker and only one lesson to make it.  Take a look!

Year 7 looked at careers in music. Having reached the instrument maker section, they made instruments as well. 

Year 8 learned about Blues music and kindly sent in their Blues scale improvisations and 12 bar blues chord sequence. 

Year 9 looked at film music and sent in their performances on well known James Bond Leitmotif‘s and Themes.

For Year 8/9 it is especially brilliant if they have been able to push themselves and create their music virtually on the computer . . . not an easy task! But it does mean that music in a virtual world continues!