Mrs Milner’s Book Club

Mrs Milner’s Book Club is a highlight for many Fyling Hall students. With after school clubs hopefully, returning soon, Olivia shares her thoughts on their last book . . .

Over the first month and a half of lock down, Mrs Milner’s Book Club read To Kill a Mockingbird. Overall, most of us book clubbers had a mixed opinion of the book and didn’t enjoy it as much as some of the others we have already read.

Here are the thoughts on To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee:

Olivia Grace Hall: ‘ I liked the book because I liked Scout a lot because she is like me. I liked the morals in it. It took me 2 days to read. I also liked Atticus. I would definitely recommend reading it because it is a classic’.

James Brine: ‘I thought the book was a hard read but worth it in the end. It was quite boring for me at the start and I found it quite plain. But, as the book unfolded it got more intense and in my opinion, better. At the end there were a few big plot twists which made the book even better. I think this book is a true classic but I would have preferred it to get into the story quicker and have a generally faster pace.’

Tomas Richardson: ‘ I thought it was a great book, with some exciting action and twists and turns in the plot. I was sad when Tim Johnson died and he was probably my favourite character in the story as I imagined him as cute?. The book was great overall although I did find it a bit slow paced at the start.’

We always have heated discussions about which book to choose next so we had to have two meetings before we agreed on a new book!

In the end Mrs Milner suggested a book off the Carnegie 2020 Shortlist so our next book is Lampie by Annet Schaap. In the my next blog I will tell you all about it. We cannot wait for Mrs Milner’s Book Club to resume!

by Olivia Grace Hall, Year 9 (at the time of writing)