Mr Parker’s first memory

My first memory of Fyling Hall was coming for my interview. My Satnav took me through Littlebeck which is a single track road and for some reason it was bin day, so I was stuck behind the lorry for 3 miles. I finally got to the Fylingdales turn off and was in a rush as I always turn up to interviews early. So to be early I was driving a bit faster only to be met with the most breathtaking view I have ever seen, partly because my car nearly took off and mainly due to the picturesque nature of Robin Hoods Bay. I came through the gates to be met by deer in the road and was promptly shown the school grounds by Mr Coates. I think I bragged for a week to my friends in the profession that I had ten acres of land, an astro, two pitches and a sports hall with a gym attached.