Last week an exciting event happened at a school hockey match. You might think hockey is quite a safe game. Alright there are a few bumps along the way but nothing dramatic (unless you’re a drama queen!) If you think this then think again!  We have just got news of an exciting news story. Whilst driving to a hockey match, Sophie Ferrer (Y9) suddenly shouted “Stop. Turn the bus around!” A car that was parked on the curb was in flames!

Eye witnesses have informed me that Mr Parker immediately brought the bus to a halt. He and Mr Mayne leapt out of the bus, without a concern for their own safety, armed with fire extinguishers and rushed to the aid of a man whose car had set on fire. When our heroes arrived the man was trying to save his groceries from the fire. Our brave teachers rushed out, sprayed the fire…and saved the man (sigh of relief.) Afterwards they went to McDonald’s to celebrate their teachers’ heroic actions.


Tomas Richardson(Y7)