Why we should all exercise!

Physical activity is often one part of our busy lives which is often overlooked, especially when exams start. Most of you are aware of the physical benefits that exercise has on the body, but did you know that there are mental benefits to be gained as well?  Here are some facts why taking part in regular exercise is much more important than you think and will make your revision far more productive!

  1. Physical exercise causes the brain to grow new brain cells and new connections to cells!
  2. Due to these new connections your memory and mood are much improved! You can retain information far better!
  3. There is a link between good cardiovascular endurance and a high IQ! Why do you think your PE teachers are so smart!
  4. You can switch from one task to another much quicker, as the brain becomes more alert!
  5. In a world where we hear so much about mental health issues, it is proven that people who exercise are far less likely to suffer from depression.

The science

You may have heard of morphine or codeine, as they are used in the medical world in cases of serious accidents to relieve extreme levels of pain. Well your body has its own kind called Endorphins.  As you exercise your body releases Endorphins to counteract the stress it is being put under.  Your brain picks up the endorphins and essentially gets high!  This stimulates the brain to get bigger and stronger, helping you fight off things like dementia in later life.  As your brain starts to make more cells and connections between cells, the next time you exercise your brain is able to pick up even more endorphins, meaning you got it you get even higher!  After exercise you are often able to think clearer, and work more productively.

If you plan to do a day’s revision do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise first, knowing your bigger brain will be able to handle all the information you throw at it! And next time you see someone going for a run, don’t think they’re crazy, they’re just getting high!

Mr Coates